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Location:St. John's, NL, Canada

This webpage is mostly for fiction.

This is just further warning. This page will contain RPS. I will not discriminate and if you add this webpage, I will add you back. But by doing that, you sign away your right to flame me, if you do not like that type of fiction. Do not appeal to my conscience, at this point I do not have any. Yes my soul will probably be delivered to Hell in a handbasket, but I'll have fun in the meantime.

None of the characters belong to me except stated otherwise. They belong to their authors, writers, producers, production companies, publishing companies and all those other nice people that made sure we could learn their stories. None of this was written for profit. Just for fun. If the characters belong to you and you would like a certain piece taken off, please contact me.

Fiction is Fiction. As far as I know none of the RPS protrayed on this website has ever happened. I do not want to assume any way of life of those people that I write about. It is all in fun and with no intent to injure or libel. Please do not sue. If you are one of those people and would like to have the written piece taken off just contact me.
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